Benefits of a Monthly Auction

Why our Monthly Auction Model Benefits You

Cast Your Net Wide: More Opportunities to Buy and Sell

A monthly sales cycle attracts more buyers and sellers who will have more opportunities to buy and sell. A quarterly cycle increases the frequency of like-items, which will decrease their price and obscure their value: it is easier to buy to cheap, but harder to be sure what the items are worth. By contrast, a monthly sales cycle puts a larger number of eyes on a smaller number of like-items. The market price remains stable, with a higher potential to receive a higher-than-average market price for attractive items.

To Illustrate: 
7 like items + 3 bidders = Less than Market Value
2 like items + 3 bidders = Higher than Market Value

Capitalism 101:
Buyers fight for products when volume is low and demand is high.

Always on the Calendar: Unforgettable Auction Dates

Our monthly auctions are clock-work. The Sacramento, CA facility holds events every 2nd Saturday of every month. Our Woodburn, OR facility holds its events on the last Friday of every month. Buyers with unexpected or pressing needs can rely on our market just like buyers waiting for the right item know to check back every month.

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Get What’s Yours: Fastest Payout in the Industry

A monthly sales cycle offer sellers a faster payout for their assets than a quarterly sales cycle. Turnaround for Consignor payout is under 60 days from the time they consign. With a quarterly sale, the payout is 180 days from the time they consign at the beginning of the sales cycle.

Say No to the Quarterly Sales Cycle

A quarterly sales cycle asks buyers to wait up to three months for products within their market, during which they are supposed to ignore other avenues such as retail dealers and private treaty. Sellers have to wait three or more months to receive proceeds for their sold assets. Why?

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How to Bid Online

Bidding online is just like being there. Your will hear the auctioneer in real time as you bid against buyers from all over the world. The only difference is that instead of raising your bidder number you simply click your mouse.

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