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Heavy Equipment & Commercial Truck Auction

Welcome to the official online home of Bar None Auction. Since 1993, Bar None Auction has been Your Premier Source for Monthly Public Auctions online and throughout the Western United States. We are an industrial auction house that specializes in commercial trucks, manufacturing tools, construction vehicles & heavy equipment. Our year round heavy equipment & commercial truck auctions are primarily conducted in Sacramento, Riverside and Portland, thereby allowing us to easily serve bidders and consignors in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. However, we understand that heavy equipment jobs and heavy equipment operators are not only located in Northern / Southern California and Oregon. Therefore we have expanded our industrial item auctions to include Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Washington. In addition to consigned commercial trucks and construction equipment, Bar None Auction also sells pre-owned cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s and fleet vehicles in its monthly public auto auction and government surplus liquidation auction.   There are two ways to join our auctions. Either visit our auction site or bid online in the comfort of your home or office. Whether you’re on site or online, you’ll have the same access to the highest quality heavy equipment, commercial trucks, work vehicles and industrial support inventory available. Our experienced sales team is always here to assist you during every auction to make sure you’ll make an informed decision.

Sell Industrial Equipment & Vehicles

Whether you are an owner operator, government agency, or an industrial company representative, Bar None Auction is an excellent location to consign and sell heavy equipment (wheel loaders, tractors, skip loaders, etc.), trailers & commercial trucks (flatbed trucks, water trucks, utility trucks, dump trucks, etc.). We have the most professional industrial auctioneers at every event in order to negotiate top dollar for all your auction items. In addition, Bar None Auction aggressively markets all consigned items and makes every effort to only allow competent and qualified bidders into the in-person and online auction. You can rest assured that your consigned car, construction vehicle, trailer, or heavy equipment will be clean, neatly presented and cataloged accurately in the auction and on our website.

Buy Industrial Tools & Construction Equipment

Whether online or in-person, it is easy to buy industrial tools and construction equipment with Bar None Auction. Every auction held at Bar None Auction is a great opportunity to get a good quality commercial truck or piece of heavy equipment at a fair price. You can bid with confidence knowing that our certified appraisers have properly evaluated all the consigned items. So make your best bid and take home the heavy equipment, commercial truck and industrial support items you need today.

A Great Auction Experience

Fleet managers, construction, excavation and state and local government agencies (Caltrans, SMCTD, NID, City of Portland, etc.) participate in our auction events. And because of our online bidding process, many satisfied buyers from all over the world have purchased the equipment and vehicles they need at affordable prices. It’s time to bid on yours, so join us on our next auction. Contact us or check out our Upcoming Auctions page for auction information, inventory and complete schedules.

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